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2021 Design Details


In the Fall of 2020, L'NU'K Clothing Co. shut down for the second time in it's first year of business. This journey allowed our CEO, Jennifer Denny the time to reflect on what the future would hold for the company and our supporters.


She knew that the journey wasn't over yet. The original thought that she had in 2015 of "I have to do something for the people, something for L'nu'k" came back to her.


In early December 2020, Jennifer decided she would launch a 10 year commitment and start her lifelong dream of creating her own scholarship. This would be how she could use the brand in a way to give back to L'nu'k - the people.


T-shirt was specifically designed with future Indigenous and Black post secondary graduates in mind. At L'NU'K Clothing Co. we believe in the dreamer. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

In September 2021, our company will award one BIPOC student from Mi'kma'ki with a $3,000 scholarship. This initiative is called (PROJECT 3K).

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